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• Fully compliant Safety Cans feature a high performance, chemical resistant stainless steel flame arrester that stops flashback ignition, provides faster liquid flow, and offers exceptional durability and corrosion protection for long life
• Leakproof, positive pressure relief cap automatically vents to guard against rupture or explosion
• Rounded comfort handle that swings to help in carrying heavy loads, reinforcing ribs for bumper guard protection, and large ½” (13 mm) grip lip along bottom to support pouring
• Self-closing lid controls vapors and spills and unique counterbalanced, ergonomic design makes it easy-to-use
• This extra long precision mesh screen is a full 3½” (88 mm) to ensure safe insertion of gas nozzle with metal-to-metal contact eliminating the potential of a spark and possible explosion

• Capacity Vol. – 2 gal
• Dia. – 9 1/2 in
• Height – 13 3/4 in
• Color – Red
• Material – Galvanized Steel
• Applicable Materials – Flammables
• Resistance – Chemicals
• Rating – Type I
• Wt. – 5 lb