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  • Upgraded extended long: each roll of weather seal is 1.8 inches wide, enough to cover window gaps, door gaps or bathroom door gaps. Long enough to cut, very easy to install.
  • Strong adhesive: weather stripping door seal, ultra strong adhesive non degumming, sticks firmly; can keep for a long time without falling off.
  • Multiple functions: stop the heat and cold from escaping during winter and summer, makes heating and cooling more efficient.
  • Various uses: suitable for window side, window bottom, glass door, bathroom door, office door, etc.
  • High quality material: heat and cold resistant
  • Save money and energy: an affordable solution to window insulation for winter. In summer and winter, it can help you cool or heat faster and more efficiently to save on heating and cooling cost
  • Installation tips: In cold weather, it is recommended to use a hair dryer to heat the weather stripping door seal for 1 minute before installation. After cleaning the window or door with water, make sure the surface is dry before installation.