Touch Point Wipes

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These wipes use an industrial strength formula to remove the toughest grime without drying or irritating the skin. Tackle grease, oil, paint, tar, and adhesives with ease, as these extra-strong wipes don’t tear easily. Big messes are no match for these extra-large wipes. Only one wipe will quickly conquer gunk and debris in one step. No rinsing or water needed so that you can save time and take on any job.

  • Heavy duty to easily clean stubborn messes
  • Extra large, durable wipes (10” x 12”)
  • Multi-purpose – use on hands, tools and surfaces
  • No water needed
  • Contains no harsh chemicals
  • Leaves hands feeling clean and refreshed
  • Quickly removes Tar, Asphalt, Dirt, Oils, Grease, Lubricants, Inks, Paints, Polyurethanes, Sealants, Epoxies, Adhesives, Caulks and more